10 games,10 Wins = Champions

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Not quite sure what I have left to say that hasn’t already been said.
I really wanted to write this after the final whistle against Utd or the day after, but I thought, what is the point? We will still be at the end of a predictable woeful couple of weeks,out of 3 of the 4 competitions we were going for.
In the cold light of day, only 2 competitions mean anything, the League and the Champions League and let’s not go there about the Champions League.
So instead of rambling on about our deja vu like defeat at Utd and a capitulation in a 2 week period, let’s look forward and concentrate on whether we will actually win the league.
We have nothing else to concentrate on now and if we win 10 games, we will be champions. However that means we will pick up at least another 5 injuries (I keep saying we lose a player a game. Taking out now midweek games, I’ve halved that!)
Time and again our 1st XI, although very good, are just too lightweight in key areas from key people (e.g. RVP, Theo, Cesc, Nana, TV5,Johan) and the 2nd XI, when they ascend in our 1st team en mass are simply not good enough and aren’t also devoid of frailty (e.g. Diaby, Gibbs,Rosicky).
My heart is exploding in hope of a league title.Buit given everything, and with confidence well and truly rattled, my head may be saying someting different.
If we dont win the league, ensue the debate about Arsene and his suitability to carry on leading this team.
In Arsene we trust? I still do, but,like for many it is becoming more fragile by the season.
If, as predicted, that we fail again in the league, this summer must bring:
1. Keeping Arsene Wenger
2. Change of transfer policy – bringing in experience and good back up for Songwal Van Nasregashire
3. Finally admit defeat with some of our 2nd XI and get rid – notably, Diaby, Denilson, Rosicky, Fabianski, Almunia, Squillachi and one of either Bendtner or Chamakh
4. Bring in an experienced leader. Of our current rank maybe TV5 could do it, but I’d rather he concentrate on getting fit.
5. Change the system – 4-5-1 doesn’t work on every occasion.
All of this will change our attitude, desire and hunger for success. Too many players are too comfortable at the club. There is simply not enough competition for places.
If I was to complete my wish list I would move for back room goings on:
6. Bring back David Dein – the man bleeds Arsenal Football Club PLC
7. Look at the back room staff
8. If no money available take some investment
9. Go on a tour of the USA or Asia. Wenger says his team will tire by venturing any further than Austria – look at us now!! 
On to the Hawthorns. COYG.

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