About Me

An Interview with myself

Q. Who are you?

My name is James Reuben, North London born and bred, and have been supporting The Arsenal for over 30 years

Q. Why Arsenal?

I had no choice. My grandfather started it by sneaking into the North Bank in the Golden Era of the 1930’s, swiftly followed by my dad in the 1950’s, leading to me in the 1980’s. Within an hour of being born, was made a life member of Arsenal Football Club (this doesn’t officially exist any more, but I sure am a life  member)

Q. What are your first Arsenal Memories?

I have a few:

I remember getting my yellow and blue kit on having a photo with the 1979 FA Cup followed by being sick on a hovercraft coming home from Belgium in 1980 having lost the Cup Winners Cup Final v Valencia.

My first game memory was August 1982 at Stoke City’s then Victoria Ground. It was the first away game of the season and 2 teams came out. One in red and white, the other in green and blue. I remember to this day us all asking which team were The Arsenal. These were the days where replica kits were not commonly bought and worn, and we probably had no idea that we suddenly changed from yellow away to green and blue. Anyway, we lost that game!

Earliest goal was a direct free kick by Brian Talbot v Liverpool at home in the early 1980’s.

Q. Do you have a season ticket?

Yes. Had one in the West Stand Upper at Highbury for many years and now you can find my seat in the North Back Upper at The Emirates – above one of the corner flags.

Q. Favourite All Time Player?

I think this is virtually impossible to answer for me. Thankfully there have been many that I have idolised over the years, and I always would rather list my favourite 11 (4-3-3):

  1. David Seaman
  2. Lee Dixon
  3. Nigel Winterburn
  4. Sol Campbell
  5. Tony Adams
  6. Robert Pires
  7. Patrick Vieira
  8. Cesc Fabregas
  9. Ian Wright
  10. Denis Bergkamp
  11. Thierry Henry

There are so many more – but I have also seen some dross as well and could probably name my worst 11, but let’s save that for another day!

Q. Favourite Goal?

If you really had to push me into it – I’d have to say Denis’ v Newcastle where he flicked it behind himself and around the defender. I don’t care what anyone says, he meant it.

Q. Memorable Goal?

Look, there have been so many and if you were around in the late 80’s, nearly all would say Mickey Thomas’ goal at Anfield in 1989. But there have been so many that have been special for one reason or another – e.g. was there live, exploded in relief, sat back in awe, watched it with friends/relatives, was abroad, etc.


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