A Pane in the Window

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Look, I tweeted some pretty bad thoughts as our transfer window non-activity was apparent during the course of yesterday. This was probably a little unfair as we have done some good business.



In Alexis we have World Class talent and the signs already look good. in Ospina we have the goalie backup we need. In Debuchy we seem to have the ready-made replacement for Sagna. In Chambers we have a young English talent to play across the back and at DM if needed. In Welbeck we have one of England’s leading men with potential.

But for us Arsenal fans its the case of who we didn’t get, and more importantly, who we didn’t get in key positions:


Arsenal #£$^$^^


For me this was a Summer to show our true ambitions and flex our new financial muscle after 8 years in the transfer wilderness (Ozil apart). It doesn’t mean splashing all the cash on rubbish (a la Spurs 2013-2014) but getting key players in where we may need to pay a little over the odds. It also meant we could get World Class players in so they didn’t go to our rivals and make them better.

When you see Cesc, Balotelli and Falcao within our reach and pass us by without so much of a whimper – it was disappointing. Now, you can’t buy them all. But Wenger falls on his own sword when he says he looks for quality that can improve our squad/better than the incumbents. To be fair Welbeck is better than Sanogo, surely.

And despite any misgivings seeing him in an Arsenal shirt for his signing pictures has made me a little excited to see him in action


Overall, I’m more worried about our performances and Leicester was extremely poor. The only way is up surely.


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