A Sad Day

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A lot of my Twitter followers urge me to write more in my blog. I always find it hard because I don’t know what to always say that is no different to other Arsenal fans.

Well today, although probably no different to what many others are saying, is actually quite a sad day following the defeat to Everton. Today is the first time I actually went out on Twitter and called for Arsene to go (#WengerOut).

I am not going to forget what that man has done for us. We have gone from a provincial London club to one of the best and most respected clubs in world football with arguably one of the best club football grounds around. And for that we will be eternally grateful. I also know he has worked in the last 8 years under some great financial constraints.

But this was THE year when the Moon, the Sun, Saturn and Neptune aligned (aka big manager changes and big money available to us) in order for us to mount a serious title push. Unfortunately all we have aligned with is Uranus.

There are obvious deficiencies here that makes me believe Arsene is no longer the man to take this club as forward as we deserve paying the highest ticket prices around:

  1. Tactics
    1. Arsene won everything with 4-4-2. Now he won’t go near it with a barge pole. He simply has too many CMs and won’t drop any of them. This leaves us so limp up front and Giroud is not the man to get us out of jail.
    2. Arsene says he only concentrates on Arsenal’s game. If we play well then what the others do is not important. This is very naïve. Just look at the Lukaku goal. The bloke is lethal on his left and we just let him cut in on his favoured foot. The result was inevitable.
    3. Plan A is all we have. Many managers at HT would have shaken things up to get us back in the game. Time and time again, the sub changes come too late. Take the Liverpool game, we were 4-0 down at half time. Why, why wouldn’t Arsene out two upfront? What did we have to lose? There is simply no Plan B, C or D.
  2. Transfers
    1. Ozil was a masterstoke. But every fan said that although a great capture a CM was the last thing we needed.
    2. January transfer window debacle. Arsene knew Theo was out for the season and Aaron was also out for a while and we were pushing for the title, yet he only brought in an injured CM! 2008 was another year this happened. The title was in sight and he didn’t add to the squad.
  3. Injuries
    1. The same old sob story has become very boring. Unlucky yes, but every season? Something is clearly wrong with the training regime, style of football and the types of players we buy.
  4. Fight
    1. Or lack of fight. Clear on the pitch there is again no leadership and no desire. If Arsene has lost the dressing room then it is game over.
  5. Inevitability
    1. Many,many fans knew we wouldn’t win the league. The implosion was just around the corner like in most years. This cannot be repeated season in, season out. From top to potentially out of the top 5 in just 9 weeks will be the biggest one yet. FA Cup or no FA Cup.

I take no pride on writing this blog or tweet #ArseneOut. He deserves respect for everything he has done. But he will deserve even more by realising he can do no more and help the club find his next successor.




2 thoughts on “A Sad Day

    Efil4renoog said:
    April 6, 2014 at 7:03 pm

    He should play no part in appointing his successor. He would only recommend someone with a similar mindset to his. We need a new way of thinking. Much like when he joined the club.

      gooneroobs responded:
      April 7, 2014 at 11:26 am

      I both agree and disagree. Definitely need a new way of thinking. If no-one in the club being groomed, then he is best out of it. Top of the shopping list will be Loew, Klopp and Martinez I guess.

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