A point in the Bag

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Definitely a case of a point won today (v WBA 1-1).

I thought we looked jaded and labored, especially in midfield. Gone was the zip and harass from Tuesday night (v Napoli 2-0), hello the lethargy that plagued us last season. Big difference though, we probably would have lost last season.


Credit though to WBA who kept going and kept their shape not letting us really get any rhythm. I think if WBA had gone home early we still wouldn’t have found it.

Well done Jack. I do not condone professional football players smoking but admire him for standing up and being counted. I joined many if wishing Arsene would have taken off Jack instead of Rambo. But boy am I glad Arsene didnt listen to me.


Jack, like the rest seemed off the pace, but took his goal well. It was probably the culmination of one  of the few moves of  any note that we conjured up.

As usual as well he was kicked from pillar to post. He was definitely caught from behind after skying a shot which in any book is a penalty. I thought originally the ref (Lee Mason) was doing well letting the game flow where I have seen other refs blow up easily. However, his leniency was too much on a number of occasions against both teams.

Anyway, if you said to me we would be top come mid-October I would have bitten your hands off. It may only be a point gained on Spurs but their defeat at home against West Ham makes our point all the sweeter.

For once I am glad of an International break- we look like we needed it.


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