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Wow! What a performance in the first half by Arsenal. After 15mins we were ‘umlating’ with delight. I can’t remember, during the Emirates years anyway, a more complete first half performance like we saw against Napoli. Were Napoli poor? I don’t think we gave them the option. We had a high tempo, tackled hard, got to every ball first. Oh, and we were sublime going forward.


Fans were worried that Jack and Gnarby were rested. Don’t mess with a winning team? I think we may be seeing the culmination of a 10 year plan. A symbiotic football team. A team that acts as one and players (in the right positions) can come in pretty seamlessly, a la Rosicky and Arteta tonight. The interchange between Ramsey, Ozil, Flamini and Giroud was great. Wilshire also slotted in well in our current symbiotic state.


Many of us will remember Wrighty’s, Bergkamp’s and Henry’s first goals for The Arsenal. Well tonight, 1 October 2013, many will remember Ozil’s first. A great move, a great pull back by Ramsey, and Ozil just slotted it home like he was messing about in the garden. That is what you get for £42.5m. At last Arsene realizes it!

Mesut Ozil’s first goal v Napoli 2013

Ian Wright’s first goal for Arsenal v Leicester 1991

Dennis Bergkamp’s first goal v Southampton 1996

Thierry Henry’s first goal v Southampton 1999


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