The Wizard of Öz

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The Wizard of ÖzSo another Transfer Window slammed shut yesterday and although we didn’t quite get what we probably needed, I am for one glad it’s closed until January. The incessant links to Tom, Dick and Harry, whilst Spurs flippantly used all the Bale funds on the pitch rather than save for their new stadium future wound me up something chronic.

Wenger stuck to his word and only went for super super quality and in Özil, boy has he done that!  We can honestly say that this is the first truly world class signing we have made since Bergkamp, and the 2nd for Wenger after Sol. Remember, he built all the rest. Like those, you remember where you were when Özil signed. Ok give it a few years and not have to just remember to yesterday!

Some fans and media say that we overpaid for him, others say it was a panic buy and what we didn’t necessarily need. Only the last point I agree with except you only have to ask yourself, will he make us better? The answer is YES! Therefore we needed him.

But I, along with other Arsenal fans, are left a little bemused. We needed strengthening in more areas than midfield and seems odd that we courted Suarez all summer and yet didn’t get a striker. Even more bizarre given Podolski’s injury. True, we went for Ba on loan but it all seemed a light hearted loan bid. Chelsea of course wouldn’t sell/loan him out to a rival and would rather he rot behind Torres and Eto’o. It’s not like we sold them the best left back in England or anything.

I do agree with the AST stance (which I am a member of):

“We welcome the statement of intent Arsenal have made with the signing of a world-class player like Mesut Özil. It is a transformational signing for the club in terms of both transfer fee and wages paid. It is, however, frustrating that once again a window has closed with over £50m left unspent. The AST would like to see all available resources put toward strengthening the team.

“This summer’s transfer window has also reinforced the AST’s view that the club need to overhaul their boardroom and football management infrastructure so they have the very best set-up to maximise the way in which the modern-day transfer window now operates.”

They agree it is a “transformational” signing for Arsenal but clear things need to improve behind the scenes. This is not a case of “you can’t please anyone’ or ‘you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t’. Given everything that has gone on this summer, Arsene needed to really pull some rabbits out of the hat. By Deadline Day it was obvious it wasn’t going to happen. We are now 1 injury away from playing Bendtner up front!

Clear we left it so late because of the Bale transfer and we weren’t the only club left in this situation. Utd fans aren’t best pleased.

But I am delighted we have bought a player of proven world class quality and I want to end this post on the very big high that we should be one. We have absolutely smashed our transfer record. A very big statement from the club of our intent. Amazing how Spurs selling their best player enables us to buy one for ourselves. If true that Daniel Levy tried to block the Özil move he now has quite a large egg on his face. The fact we beat them too just makes it sweeter. Spurs will come good with the new team they have put together, but the Özil signing gives a renewed belief we can hold them off. Time and injuries will tell.

For now, we welcome Özil to The Arsenal where under Wenger and the adulation of the fans he can continue to shine.



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