The Arsenal Oxymoron

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A very good win on Saturday. A return to the free flowing counter attacking Arsenal. We got just what we needed following the poor Villa result- a rubbish Fenerbace and barely an even better Fulham. You can only beat what’s in front of you and we did both with aplomb.


It was nice to see Fulham (or Tottenham Rejects) have 2 things we don’t.

A new chairman/owner who, like those who want their new teams be a success on the field, paraded himself of the pitch like a kid with a new toy. Ours never attends games, so Fulham fans should be encouraged that their new one will invest some more on the pitch.

That leads to the 2nd thing Fulham had that we don’t (and probably helped us win), new signings. They clearly hadn’t had time to work together and got their tactics wrong.


Take nothing away from our performance though. It was the Arsenal Oxymoron. Playing like this with excellent flow and fluidity and an on form, good starting XI, we are good enough. But we all know there will be dips in form and more injuries, and we simply do not have the squad to compete on all fronts. Wenger knows this and transfers will happen. Flamini would be an obvious signing, but we need more.

Where though?

Goalkeeper – Chesney has had an OK start. Made some good saves in both Istanbul and West London. But we can get better and he needs someone to learn from. Too many times he pushes shots into the danger zone, rather than out to safety. To be fair, he did recover well for the one he saved at Fulham.

Defence – Playing Sagna at CB is crazy and with TV5 out and all others gone or loaned out obvious we must be in for a CB. Knowing Arsene he will prob stick with Sagna as an emergency.

Midfield – Hats off to Aaron Ramsey. He was the fall guy for everything that was wrong last season (like Denilson on for example before him). He has started the season very well and becoming dare I say a better fulcrum in midfield than Jack. Aaron is a couple of years ahead of Jack in returning from a horrendous injury. Santi was sublime as he usually is against lower EPL teams. Big test on Sunday. I want to see him produce against the top teams. Theo has also made a good start, seeming to be playing with a better air of confidence and skill. With Arteta and the Ox to return (forget Diaby) we have a good midfield.

Upfront – Giroud has had an excellent start too. 3 goals from 3 games is excellent and the way he took the ball down for our 3rd at Fulham left me purring. Poldi finally showed his true worth and he actually looks fit! But it remains that Giroud is really our only out and out striker.

We need depth. Our bench against Fulham was very lightweight. This is going to be another marathon this season. We need more players to come in and make a difference when we need it. Not everyone will be a bad/open as Fulham. I think it is at home where we have a problem and 4-5-1 does not really work. Away it works pretty well. So if we revert to 4-4-2 we need different players.

Overall I think we need a new GK, a CB, an exciting midfielder to replace the Ox and an out an out striker. I will also never, never pass a chance to have more DMs. There, I haven’t said anything different to others. We all know, but I don’t think Arsene knows anymore.

We have a good team but we need more. It’s the Arsenal Oxymoron.

Probably, see you all on Monday night on Twitter for my half seasonal Transfer Deadline rant!


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