Ear Plugs

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What on earth can I say?

As I left to return from my holidays it was 1-1 at HT at the Emirates. Thinking, OK, not great but we produce more in the 2nd half. As we landed the wheels barely touched mother earth and on came my mobile awaiting the usual score updates.

As you can imagine a 1-3 scoreline washed away not only my tan but all the relaxing I had done for the 10 days previously. Actually I lie, the agitation levels rose as every day passed by with zero incoming transfer activity.

It was only on Sunday night that i brought myself to watch MOTD. Yes, a bad ref, but the way we were exposed was criminal. What on earth had they been practicing all summer?

I have  never hidden my derision at Arsenal’s goalkeeping situation. The one position solidity and confidence are borne from and since the departure of Mad Jens, it is a position Wenger has criminally neglected along with the DM position since Flamini left.

We all keep saying Chesney will be great. Will he? His decision making at times is laughable. Wenger is all about emotional tactics, ensuring that the squad stays emotionally intact. Unfortunately he has forgotten that the squad needs skill too.

There has been a lot written over the last 24/48 hours from many fans and supporters groups. I agree with all of them. But one comment from an irate fan on youtube I haven’t gotten out of my head.

Quite rightly he says that for the 3rd season in a row we are unprepared for the start. We have had the hooha with Fabregras, then with Van Persie and now when all the money is there and the decks cleared, we have done nothing! He and I just don’t get it.



It is now a massive 15 days for Arsenal and Wenger. Dare I say that going out of the CL to Fenerbace and lose to Spurs, could mark the end of his tenure as manager?

I’m taking my young son to the Fenerbace game and I don’t want him to hear the boos of disdain but the cheer of the fans as we qualify yet again. Given the paper thin squad and Wenger’s refusal to buy, I may need to take some ear plugs.


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