Watership Down? (All about rabbits)

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I haven’t blogged since the beginning of July which coincidently was the last time I got a bit excited about Arsenal version 2013/2014 – we launched our yellow away kit.

Sorry,I lied, got excited recently about the much needed clear out at the club. Who wouldn’t be happy about getting rid of the likes of Djorou, Squillachi and Gervinho?

Otherwise this summer so far has been a massive anti-climax. Why should this summer be any different to any other during the Emirates years?

Well it should be. We qualified for the CL and we have money,the much needed ingredients that have seen other clubs invest heavily on the pitch. All except The Arsenal (so far).

Wenger so far is paying the heavy price for selling all our World Class talent. Press have been praising the club for keeping its main squad together. That’s because we haven’t got anyone else anybody wants. The media are also taking the mickey as they have hounded our top talent.

Wenger is also paying his usual game of Wengernomics roulette – holding out until the price he wants to pay becomes more realistic. And that may be until September 2nd at 11pm.

Sorry Arsene, you snooze, you lose. Not sure I completely blame him for Higuain. Maybe we should have been quicker to meet the asking price, but the Cavani deal to PSG changed the whole landscape and Real could ask what they want knowing Napoli were in big for a striker.

I truly, truly believe Wenger has some major rabbits in his (once) magic hat. I truly believe his bigging up the current squad is all about morale and nothing else.

I am bitterly disappointed that a pre-season has gone by with no (major) additions,not allowing new recruits to bed in.

If we go into the September weaker than when we finished May (as it currently stands) I will be amazed but also resigned to the fact this will be Arsene’s final season whether the board want him to stay or not. The fans’ overtures of derision can no longer be ignored.

Let’s cross that bridge should it come. I obviously hope it doesn’t and I’m looking forward to those rabbits.


2 thoughts on “Watership Down? (All about rabbits)

    fourstar said:
    August 11, 2013 at 10:17 am

    I think there are two elements. Yes we will almost certainly go into the season (next Saturday!) not having added – and that includes the CL qualifiers, probably. But no, surely we won’t go into September (2 weeks later) still waiting for incoming talent. That said, I wouldn’t want to have to wager one of my kids on it 😦

      gooneroobs responded:
      August 11, 2013 at 11:11 am

      Completely agree.

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