Q&A part 3 – Final

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Q. Revenue compared with Munich, ST prices to match?

We have a diff model to Bundesliga and we can learn. Their model is very diff in how they make their money. Low ticket prices and high commercial revenues. For AFC we were dependent on local revenue. Hadn’t taken advantage of global brand. On it now and takes pressure off but we won’t go to Bundesliga model.

Q. AFC finances centred around FFP. What is plan B?

It is not part of our strategy. We don’t control it. What would we do differently? Nothing, plan a is the same as plan b. Resources to have us compete at the top. We will get to £300m revenue and compete at the top. We are not reliant on FFP.

Q. Balance of squad. Since 2005, defense is not good enough. Realised we can defend as a unit. Does the coaching staff have a say?

Defensive record best in league, 2nd half better. We had players who gave protection in midfield to the back 4. Team had to grow together, feel comforable, and had a lot of change. Of course AW listens to his coaching staff. A lot of ideas and added their dynamics to the team.

Q. Keep on laser focus to rid us of dead wood?

Some players have not contributed the way we wanted. Has to be a priority which we must address. As overall spend we are strong compared to others. We have made mistakes like others. We need to get better.

Q. Performances and transfers have not been acceptable. RVP sale meant we had a bad start. Have we already missed a trick as the window has started slowly and the manager merrygoround?

No. Clubs have a say and not all have changed. We are dealing with a small group of players we are targetting. Things are ongoing.

Q. Capacity to grow? Atmosphere to improve?

No. We have it right. Design makes expanding hard.

We have worked hard to improve atmosphere.  Open to all suggestions. Done a lot inside the ground. Making the place feel more like home. Cheaper pies! Tradition in going to the pub before a game and we won’t stop it but we need to make this place more welcoming.


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    peter said:
    June 10, 2013 at 7:40 pm

    Listen to the stevebaldpodcasts for answers!

    Bayern Arsenal | Gooneroobs's Blog said:
    June 10, 2013 at 9:33 pm

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