Q&A part 2

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Q. Why don’t we do our business early?

We have done, eg with Santi but had to wait to see Malaga situation play out. FFP plays a part in trepidation.

Q. How long will it take FFP to play out and curtail City, etc.?

Uefa assess from October onwards for last 2 years and publish next summer. Wage cap in place, cannot spend more than last year, unless new commercial deals done. PL also have regulations. No one knows how FFP will play out. Depends on strength of UEFA and PL.

Q. Fans criticise board and your roles. Please define them.

SK- what has not done is add debt or taken dividends. Fortunate for this. Not has not treated club as his own playground. Respects the club. He has vast experience in sports ownership and commercial deals have been in thanks to him.

IG – represents club off the field. get AFC at the top of the game.

DL- does all players deals and contracts globally working close with AW and IG. We support AW.

Q. Supporters turned against the club,how did it make you feel?

Lot of people work here off the field who all care. We give everything. We are motivated to elevate AFC to the top of world football. All energy and time. Believe everyone here is passionate and care about the club and results. We haven’t been able to communicate that passion to fans. We are weaker when we are not utd. Left Bradford and Blackburn games angry and upset. We do care about the same things. We are rare in building the club to be the best without the financial investment. Trouble times have brought unity. But my fault I haven’t communicated my passion.

Q. Away fans the best in the league. AFC fans charged category A prices, can board throw weight behind fairness campaign?

Home fans brilliant, away fans unbelievable. Initiative we are looking at. Support work in progress. Complicated about how away fans are treated not just about money. We are fully supportive.

Q. Boardroom governance and succession.

We have an aging board and needs refreshing and succession will be looked at quietly.

Q. Safe standing and throw your support?

Open to the idea, so is AW. Complex issues. At the moment not likely to happen.


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