Half hour into q&a write up

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Q.Club descended into a 2nd rank team. Super players won’t join us. We need a marquee signing?

Landscape of football has changed.Amounts of money gone up. We have a vision for the club living on our own resources at the top of the game. Drive revenue to £300m level with Bayern in 2 years. We will continue to rely on AW. Disagree we don’t have top class talent. Impossible to predict football ,with £300m turnover we can compete.

Q.Why did we chose to give utd the league by selling them RVP?

Decision was very difficult,we can debate this and understand letting the contract run.Motivation was not around £24m but how to develop the team.All the choices were bad. Decision was made with best AFC interests.Season played out in the way it did and it hurts. Time to move forward and now retain top talent. Tied players to long contracts and add more and keep them together. No win situation with RVP. Financial incentive was not the issue with RVP

Q.AW buying players that have been flops.Now has financial clout.Will he spend and on quality?

AW is committed to bringing in quality to the club and who he believes in.Cazorla was a good example and wasn’t expensive. AW has done a good job but has been financially constrained and cannot compete with the top 3,done well to be in the mix given the issues. Joint vision and mission to put AFC at the top of world football. Will spend the money dependent on the talent out there. We have not gone forward, not good enough for last minute scramble.

Q. Need to restructure relative wage structure, who is respsonsible?

We assess talent before thinking of wage. AW assesses talent,then wants a player, we decide where they fit in the wage structure. We pay market rate for top players. Top players want more. If we want to be world class we need to pay top dollar. I work with AW. AW not afraid to pay world class wages for world class talent. 


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