Q&A with Ivan – what I want to hear

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So tomorrow night,myself and a few Arsenal fans from various supporters groups will decend on The Emirates stadium to hear Ivan Gazidis speak in answering a few fans questions.

An interesting few days at Arsenal towers. A very forceful statement from Ivan about how much we can splash this summer. Cue the rumours that have left pessimistic me rather, probably stupidly, optimistic. IF we bought Fellaini and Rooney, even I would start to believe in something special again.

So this leads me to thinking what do I want to hear from Ivan tomorrow? What would placate me now knowing how little a CEO of a football club can actually say?

Here we go. I want to hear:

– Congratulate Arsene on another CL qualification, 16 years straight

– Wish Peter Hillwood well

– Thank you for the fans for everything this season

– Been some ups and downs

– Downs were big and we arent happy at our lack of competitiveness

– Van Persie situation was bad and we wont sell again to any PL rivals (where possible)

– We will ensure player contracts are better positioned to protect our assets (length)

– Salaries are high and looking for more balance and ensure players are earning their worth

– Great commercial deals now in place so we can compete ON the field as well as off (previous deals hindered us)

– Can compete for marquee signings and we are very active

– Full faith in Arsene to take us forward and full faith in how he spends it and believe he will spend wisely, big and excitingly

– Appreciate fan loyalty and recognise high ticket prices vs value for money especially in difficult economic times

– Excited by our pre-season tour to Asia and the global and commercial benefits it will bring (brand Arsenal)

– Stan Kronke is keen in taking more interest and really cares

– Interested in what Usminov has to say/offer but must be done in the right forum

– Get excited, we will compete, we have the funds and the best manager and club stadium and fans in Europe. Time to match our ambition with silverware on all fronts.

– Spurs will forever be in our shadow, dont worry!

If you made it this far, well done, that last point was just to see if you were still paying attention.

Well lets see what he has to say. I am sure many of you have other things, quite rightly, you want to hear, but I am sure we all want to hear positive things about our desire to WIN and COMPETE at all levels.

Stay tuned.


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