The Magic isn’t Dead

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With Ben Watson’s header and Wigan’s 1-0 win over Man City, it was a real delight to see that the magic and beauty of the FA Cup is still alive. Well done Wigan. You had better not ‘show up’ on Tuesday!

The FA Cup is special, but I will continue to maintain, coming in the top 4 is more important than winning the FA Cup and League Cup. A journalist tweeted that maybe Wigan’s FA Cup triumph would be better than staying up. Being amongst the elite (and the financial rewards) has to be the priority, surely?

I want top 4, but I do want trophies too.I do get it. No-one remembers the top 4 finishes,but they do the trophies and I wish we could just mount a decent challenge in all competitions. Teams like Arsenal need to stop devaluing the FA Cup.

I’ve been lucky to walk down Wembley way to watch The Arsenal win the FA Cup, with the first being in 1993 (v Sheffield Wednesay) and trek to Cardiff to do the same, most notably in 2002 (v Chelsea).

All the finals I have been to have been magical and memorable (even the defeats) and THAT is what football is about. If we pip Spurs to 4th, yes we’ll gloat and enjoy the Summer, but it will soon be forgotten, unlike when I saw Andy Linighan score in the last minute in 1993 and hugged anyone I could find, or when Romford Pele and Freddie scored pearlers in 2002, leaving me and my dad (@papalolly) on the floor celebrating after a few rows of fans got too excited with Sol’s first trophy since his emigration to N5.

I want Arsenal to win the prizes. The top players wanted it too over the last 9 years and sadly all left to experience it elsewhere¬†because Arsenal’s definition of success are unmemorable 3rd or 4th finishes in the league.It’s time for Arsene,in what I believe could be has last hurrah, to bring in winners and ensure we as fans can have some more memorable Final times.

De de de de, Sol’s a Gooner…


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