Race is still on!

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As you can see,I haven’t blogged since we lost at WHL. I just didn’t know what else to say that others won’t have already said.

That night I was resigned to a season of Wafer Cup football on a Thursday and then EPL games on a Sunday. Not a pleasant thought.

Since then we have gone on a great run and following our nervy win at Fulham, genuinely believing Thursday nights will be my own again.  Unfortunately Man City had to put a spanner in the works and capitulate at WHL. I have said recently competing with Spurs will be easier than with Chelsea, bit up popped Luis ‘Biter’ Suarez to hit the equalizer for Liverpool.

OK, the table doesn’t look as good tonight as it did 24 hours ago, but with Spurs and Chelsea’s game in hand against each other, the destiny for CL qualification is back in our hands.

No doubt, it is going to be hard – points are going to be dropped by all 3 clubs going for the 2 spots. We have Man Utd up next, who, hopefully, will already be crowned Champions having beaten Villa tomorrow. Having to clap them onto the pitch would be far worse than them (and HIM) winning it at the Emirates. I don’t think any team has won the league at our own ground (I could be wrong).

We just have to concentrate on our own game now – 3 points per game and I don’t care how. Dropped points by the other 2 will be a bonus, but relying on others is a dangerous game.

Today I read that Usmanov is indeed valued more than Roman. Playing Russian Roulette is tempting but clearly a game the Board at Arsenal don’t want to play. Miss out on the top 4, not sure what game we will all be playing.


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