Cliff Edge

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A Winner tomorrow like Rocky’s back in 1987 could prove as pivotal to the future of THFC and Arsenal as it did for us back then

This pre-North London Derby (NLD) piece was going to be called Precipice. Wasn’t sure it would translate, but I am sure you all get the meaning in reference to the NLD coming up:

A very steep rock face or cliff, typically a tall one.

Both teams stand on the cliff edge as we face each other. Spurs could propel into something special or (hopefully) inevitably fail. We could be facing Double Jeopardy.

Win, and get 3rd/4th, more years of average, under-achieving, expensive stadium nonsense, lose, finish outside of top 4, years of change and transition going from one manager to the next.

Of course I want us to win tomorrow, and come top 4, but it needs to propel us, not, like last season, ensuring we rest on our laurels, sell our best players and just make do.

I want Arsene to lead this new revolution, but lose tomorrow, our shaky, rather pathetic confidence, may not be recoverable even to qualify for the Europa League, and his position becomes more
and more untenable in the eyes of the fans.

I am intrigued to see how we come out tomorrow. My rules:

1. No friendly banter in the tunnel. Tony and Paddy used to remain deadly focused on big games like this, and so did the team.

2. Care from kick off. We need to realise every game is 90mins not 45mins. So we need to come out of the traps fast. Because we all know Spurs will.

3. Defend. Keep some shape and shackle (if we can) Bale.

Do these and we have a chance. Set up and play like we did against Villa, we’ll be sliding down that cliff edge.


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