Congratulations Tottenham…

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At 1-1 today v Aston Villa this was the Twitter post that I had ready:

Congratulations to Tottenham Hotspur Football Club for finishing above #thearsenal and qualifying for next seasons CL

However, up popped Santi once again to save our blushes. I am telling you all now, this tweet is firmly saved in my Twitter Drafts ready to be published at about 17:55 next Sunday after our game at WHL.

The game today took a familiar 2012-2013 Arsenal twist, dominant in possession, wasteful upfront, suspect always at the back. The old Arsenal would have built on the early lead given to us by Santi, but not this Arsenal.

Best tweet I got a reply to was after I tweeted that everyone could see the Villa goal coming, for a response from someone saying him too, and he was following the game on Twitter.

Arsenal’s tactics today were, to put it politely, kamikaze, especially in the 2nd half. We battered Villa with corner after corner, but as usual we wasted every single one. Villa broke everytime with speed, and executed it perfectly for their goal.

It was 10 Commandments time, with the Arsenal midfield/defence doing their Charlton Heston impression and parted like the Red Sea to allow Andreas Weimann to just run at us. The inevitable shot and shoddy goalkeeping ensued, 1-1.

I honestly think that Arsene is delusional. How he couldn’t see the Villa goal coming only he knows. Fergie, Mourinho, heck even me with my 8 year old Sunday League team, would have known to pull the midfield back when we attacked or had a corner, closing it down in the middle. Not Arsene who clearly thinks attack is the best form of defence.

Thankfully for Santi today – who popped up on 85 mins to get our winner. Deserved on corners won alone, but lucky given our more suicidal tactics. Against any better EPL team, we’ll get spanked good and propper.

That Tweet,unfortunately,is poised at the ready on Sunday.


Au Revoir Abou


Of course we had the customary Diaby injured substitution. Thanks Abou but time to call it quits at Arsenal. A shame. He is a player who could have been as good as Yaya Toure – but we can’t have a player playing 2-3 games at a time and injured for 10-15, whilst pocketing £60k-£70k a week. If he stays, it must be on a Pay as You Play deal.


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