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I remarked earlier in reflection to our 2-1 defeat against Chelsea – their second half performance wasn’t as bad as our first. That is what ultimately cost us.

Yes, feel free to cite the Ramires tackle on Coquelin, or the air dive by the same player to get the penalty, but because of our gutless, talent less, directionless first half, we deserved to go in at least 2-0 at the break.

And this isn’t the first time. I can only remember the Reading league game (A) where we came out right from the start. Game after game we simply don’t come out out in the first half. Wenger always comments about a sense of fear, nervousness, being timid, fatigue, etc. This simply is not good enough. Unless you can get players to play a full 90mins like their lives depend on it then the team needs overhauling. Of course, if it is down to the man-management of them, then that person needs a real shake.

I think we are in our right to start asking for half our ticket prices back. Why should we pay full price for a game when we only ever see half a performance?

This team just don’t seem to always be up for it. And the way we play, all 11 need to be on song otherwise our system fails. We had big named players to get us out of jail, not anymore. Jack is our warrior but not yet at the level to drag us through dark days, a la RVP, Fabregas, and any one of the Invincibles.

Yes, Giroud should have taken his chance. You cannot afford to miss big chances in big games. Giroud needs time, but at the moment, the decision to go with him, rather than Ba seems a bad one. Just as the one to see if Nasri stayed, letting Mata go to Chelsea. As good as Chelsea were in the 1st half, they were as poor in the 2nd. They’ll probably finish 3rd because deep down they have the quality. It will be down to us, Spurs, Everton and, yes, Liverpool for 4th.

At the moment St Totts day may have to wait until May 2014 at the earliest.

I’ll leave it there but I am, like you all, sick of The Arsenal ruining my weekends.


Sagna, a former shadow of himself. I feel, his days are numbered.


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