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So another poor defeat, this time to Man City, the team who hadn’t beaten us at home since the mid-70’s. 

For me the most ironic thing is that for all the moaning of the £62 minimum ticket fee, the game was over as a content after just 9 mins. 

My views on the sendings off? Yes to Kos’s. no to Kompany’s. All day long Kos was man handling Dzeko and I have no problem with the decision, but incidents like this must be punished in EVERY game. Would love to know if Dean or any referee would give that against Utd at Old Trafford or against Liverpool at Anfield (especially at the Kop end). I doubt it. So we can blame Dean all we like but Kos left us high and dry.

We had barely a chance with 11 v 11, but with 10 it was nigh on impossible. Again poor defending for both goals. It is clear we are not learning.

Only the small matter of Chelsea at Stamford Bridge to come in the league. Oh, and they are charging over £50 per ticket – no spread across the back pages there.


Again it is clear we haven’t learnt. Last summer was a shambles and there is every indication this January could be the same. Hats off to trying to get rid of some dead wood (which we can’t sell because we pay them too much). But once again Arsene came out with the line we were all dreading – getting players back is like having new signings. NOOOOO!!! The squad is not good enough to challenge even when fit. Diaby is an excellent player, but we all know in 4-5 games time he’ll be injured again. He has missed an astonishing 22 games this season already. How Arsene can rely on him, only he knows.

I’ve almost given up on us signing anyone. Arsene is so deluded that this squad can win the 4th place trophy or more. Swansea will be a stern test again and Bayern will tear us apart. We are 20 odd points behind Utd already. Effectively our season is over by January. In anyone’s book this is dreadful, except Arsene’s and the Board. I don’t get it.Image


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