An Ode to The Arsenal 2012

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Oh 2012,what a year.
One we thought The Arsenal could come so near,
but January came and went we knew any trophies were well spent.

The spuds had found themselves a gap,
but once we trounced them that soon shut their trap.
RVP carried us into Europe as we finished on a high.
but like all the rest he well and truly left us high and dry!

So a new season began,with Santi,Giroud and Poldi starting well,
but already it looks like our trophy collection won’t swell.

So in 2013, lets try to spend smart,
You never know Diaby might start!



One thought on “An Ode to The Arsenal 2012

    Touchline Tom said:
    December 31, 2012 at 1:54 pm

    Very good. Made me chuckle. Check out our matchday previews and hopefully they will make you do the same!

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