Drinks with Ivan

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So, last night I was one of about 150 Arsenal fans who took the opportunity to have a drink or two on Arsenal, meet some like minded fans and hear from Ivan.

And it is for these type of events as to why I joined the AST. Yes,I believe in their ethos of custodianship but I also believe, for example, in many of the sound recommendations the BSM (Black Scarf Movement) have put forward. I joined a supporters group to somehow feel a little more connected to the club and meet some fans who I generally tweet with in under 140 characters or less. I truly believe the supporters groups ultimately have the same agenda as I do irrespective of who they are, we all want a successful Arsenal Football Club. Some think the board are the devil incarnate and some believe that it is time for a change in management. I jumped from group to group last night, talking with older and younger Arsenal fans than I all saying the same things.

We love our club and we just want them to compete on the pitch at the highest levels.

We also need a financially viable business too so that we have an Arsenal to watch in the EPL and enjoy the magnificent stadium we have. Of course we need balance, both with the books and with the team. And for the former, hats off to Ivan. He was brought in for his commercial acumen not for his football knowledge or experience. Under his guidance, the debt of the stadium is manageable, we are financially sound and have built some very nice reserves.

But I heard the other side of Ivan last night. Someone who of course realises the links between a successful club on the pitch leads to a successful club off it too. He said he has to go back to his 15 year old son and explain why Arsenal aren’t doing too great and why certain players aren’t performing. Just like many of you reading this.

Ivan is a slick spokesman for Stan and the rest of the board, and I don’t blame him for the mess we seem to be in. Wenger has funds, installs the tactics and runs the dressing room. Not sure you can blame Ivan for losing to Bradford.

No doubt, in trying to financially survive outside a sugar daddy model has meant our top talent have left, most for the money. But as you see us slowly combusting on the pitch, some, like RVP, left to win things. And I don’t blame them. Being financially prudent and a stubborn manager has cost us on the pitch.

Ivan said we must give it more time. 2013/2014 will be a big year, something will definitely give.


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