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Realised I hadn’t written a post for a while and I’m not surprised. Following defeats to Utd and the goal capitulations to Schalke and Fulham, I had lost the will with the team, the club, the manager, the board, everything.

I’m glad the NLD came when it did. Not so much a Civil War returned on the terraces following Fulham, but more feeling the war was over. Could we have been facing the unthinkable? An Arsenal without Wenger? We needed the NLD to put aside any defeatist attitudes and get behind the team.No matter what, we never want to lose to them lot.

No Spurs fans or Arsenal ones went into this game in confident moods. I just wanted to see a performance from us for a WHOLE 90 mins, not just 45.

If you can keep Spurs from scoring in the first 10-15 mins of a game you have a chance. 10 mins in BANG,they go and score, and it was on the cards. The Arsenal simply hadn’t realised we had already kicked off. Chesney had 2 things to do all game, and I wasn’t impressed with how he dealt with a relatively tame if accurate Defoe effort – pushing the ball straight to our friend Adebayor.

A few mins later Lennon should have made it 2.

However, 17mins in, cue Karma. What Adebayor was doing, only he knows. In real time it looked a stern yellow, but replays repaid my faith in Howard Webb. Adebayor had left the ground two footed, studs up. Red, end of. It was Karma over his goal celebration when he scored for City. He ran the length of the pitch to goad us, now he had to trudge the width of the pitch with 55,000 Arsenal fans goading him.

Would it have been a different scoreline had he stayed on the pitch?  Who knows, and who cares, what it did was give us the wake up call we clearly needed.

Nice to see the array of goal-scorers. I think Giroud has really come on. Leads the line well and gives us the needed target man. Probably our first since Smudger. Nice to see him score with his feet.

Santi was terrific. He probably enjoyed the most freedom from Spurs going to 10 men. He needs to find the same performance when he is more shackled.

As for Theo, just sign Da Ting – if he left Arsenal simply can’t get behind teams until the Ox matures a bit. Give him what he wants Arsene.

So it is always nice to beat Spurs, and I want the weekend to enjoy it. Still work in progress, still more convincing to do, but lets live in the moment and enjoy another great NLD win.



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