City have been Eti-HAD

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As points go, the one we gained at City was a terrific one. If anyone who saw that game says we didn’t deserve at least a point, obviously doesn’t know a lot about football. We were up against the Champions of England, £500m spent v £150m (since 2008).

We outplayed them all 1st half and towards the end of the 2nd. But once we went 1 down I had the familiar Arsenal feeling. All possession, all the play, but losing.

There is something about this squad that we haven’t seen for a few years. Great football, great belief and a good defence.

Over that last few years I had real belief in a couple of our signings coming good given a bit of time. They have been Arshavin and Per M. Well, 1 out of 2 ain’t bad. Per was labelled as too slow by many, but this season he has found his feet, literally. Cool, composed. A colossus for us.

The Bould effect has permeated throughout the defence, where today, Carl Jenkinson was terrific. On Sky they reflected back to “that” game at Old Trafford and how he was terrorised. Here was a guy who came to us from Charlton after just playing a few games for them. Today it looked like he’s played for The Arsenal for years. Sagna may struggle to get his place back. I’ve been calling for good competition of places for a few years, and in defence and midfield we really have it. Also Chesney had better look over his shoulder because Don Vitto has proved more than capable.

The jury is out on Zonal Marking however. Today was a good example of why we should bin it after seeing Lescott’s goal. The advantage is clearly with the attacking team as they come running in, whilst we’re jumping on the defensive foot. Just doesn’t work against big CB’s like City have. In Bould I trust however.

Everyone is raving about Santi, and rightly so. Could we have unearthed another Spanish wizard? I think he could be better than Cesc.

Ramsey looked liked his former self. The kid needed a rest after being over played last season.

Gervinho is still an enigma who is much better through the middle than out wide. He missed a good chance today in the 2nd half, but to his credit he did make it himself. As for his heavy first chance in the 1st half, no comment.

We have some way to go till we see a finished article, but I’m enjoying what I am seeing. I’ll leave you with this photo, a team full of belief and playing and celebrating as a team. This season could be special.



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