Warning Hazard

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Reading Arsene’s comments about Eden Hazard makes me think we are in a vicious cycle: He said: “Hazard we would have considered,we were a long time on the case, but there was such a competition for him – Man City and Chelsea, they fly a bit higher in the sky.

“I tried. Two years ago, we were in touch with Lille, but they never wanted to sell him.

“They had a clause, and they decided only this year (to sell).

“Hazard is still a very young boy, and is a guy who has something special as you have already seen.”

The Hazard situation is a prime example of how Arsene has to unearth under-age and under-developed youngsters – Lille unfortunately knew Hazard was special and so did Hazard- you can’t really blame them in holding out for the big bucks.

The problem doesn’t stop when Wenger unearths these gems- Wenger nurtures them and moulds them into good/great players (e.g. Adebayor, Nasri and Song) but then their minds and bank cards turn to the mega bucks clubs and off they go before unleashing their real potential at Arsenal.

Wenger has been unable to unearth and keep together players to turn a team into genuine title contenders. This has then left the more mature/long serving players to believe there is no success destined at The Emirates and off they go too (a la Fabregas and RVP).

Compounding the problem is that where in the late 90’s and early Naughties our scouting system (in Europe) and youth development was ahead of its time,it is now on par with others – they too are developing great kids and getting them from all over.

This isn’t always the case as Arsene has achieved some great coups in Arteta, Podolski and Cazorla, but you start to worry again about our next crop of starlets – Theo, the Ox, TV5, LK6, etc.

The club need to make it financially and successfully viable for these kids (and maturer players) to WANT to STAY at the club.

Seemingly easier to do the former (eg financially if Silent Stan or Usmanov step in) than the latter.



One thought on “Warning Hazard

    Anshuman said:
    August 25, 2012 at 12:49 pm

    Basically the situation where in a free market, a couple of teams have a monopoly. Two ways to go about it – either we step up financially or we see to it that the market is controlled. FFP will try to do that. While Wenger still churning out results from a small purse. Still, Teams like Borussia Dortmund under Jurgen Klopp seem to be doing just that, but I wonder if that can work long term.

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