Thanks Team GB, Welcome Back Team Me

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Well what a summer! A rather enjoyable Euro 2012, followed by an excellent London Olympics. I am very proud Londoner at the moment and again the British media should hang their heads in shame. They wanted the games to fail so they had headlines to write. The organisation and venues were fantastic. If ticketing was an issue,I wouldn’t have known. Many on my Facebook timeline seemed to have gone to something.

London this last month is a very different city to what it was last year where for the very first time I was scared to be in the city.

Team GB’s performance was the icing on the cake. True sporting heroes. I tweeted when it happened, that although football is my sport, I think the triple gold on the track & field of Ennis, Rutherford (who hails from Arsenal stock) and Farrah was probably the best sporting event I think I have probably witnessed.

All the athletes were taking part in order to say they are Olympians and trying to be the best after years of training, and not being paid (bar sponsorship for some).

Oh what a contrast to our national pastime, football, where the news of RVP’s move to Utd just cemented my views on modern day footballers, mercenaries. IT’S ALL ABOUT TEAM ME!!! It is all about money. A player of RVP’s calibre commands a £200k a week salary, which Arsenal will never pay. This is RVP’s last contract so as expected, off he pops to anyone willing to match Arsenal’s valuation and offer him that weekly wage. Any club that offers that kind of money will be sniffing around silverware.

I think Arsenal got a good deal given the situation, however the club should not have been in that situation where we have lost 2 world class players (and captains) relatively cheaply.

Going to Utd or City makes no difference, we have made our rivals even stronger. Rivals we were light years behind anyway.

If The Arsenal want to win silverware then it will be done with a youthful team or with players that non of the mega rich clubs want.

If true that Song could be off, then so be it, but if we don’t replace with a proper DM then that would be criminal.

So to the season ahead, no doubt about it but the slight optimism I had of relative success has taken an expected debt with the sale of RVP. We go into this season in better shape than last season. RVP was off the day he said he wouldnt renew, and pre-season has been built around that.

I think we’ll finish 4th, with City/Utd as Champions and Chelski coming 3rd. Not sure the gap will be as big between us and the Manchester clubs, but I do worry about our defence. Just hoping that there will be the Bouldy effect. I won’t deny that I loved seeing the opener v Cologne, a Bouldy/Adams combo at a corner with Per and TV5.

We need a good start and 3 points on Saturday is a must.

Up The Gunners.



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