If you can’t Beat’em, join ’em

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So I haven’t blogged about the Robin Van Persie issue yet. I usually like to vent in quite a few 140 character spurts before calming down and write some thoughts in a blog.

Look, overall I’m not surprised with the situation, but a little surprised in the manner. But why should we be surprised? look at those before him, in Cesc and Nasri. Both did it differently and now RVP adds a new way to stab us in the heart.

RVP claims he is leaving the club that made him due to lack of the club’s ambition. On one hand I’m outraged how a player can question the direction of a club. On the other hand maybe he is saying everything that we all know and scared of, little re-investment and desire to push up from CL qualifiers to EPL challengers.

No doubt, money is the key motivator. I’m sure if The Arsenal offered £200,000+ he’d stay. But we won’t and City, et al will.

Then we had our old friend Usmanov come out and have his say. From a communications point of view what timing and he pulled on all our heart strings.

Let me be clear on my views on Usmanov. It was as Ronaldo added a 2nd in the CL semi in 2008 and everyone in the Emirates had nothing else to do but question everything, that my vote was for Usmanov or any other benefactor that could push The Arsenal into competition with United, Chelsea and now City.

The Emirates promised us competition with United. OK, it hasn’t, but Chelsea and City turned up and moved the goalposts. Why shouldn’t we demand a little more investment in to the team? We pay the highest ticket prices in world football and multi-billionaire owners. I don’t care if it is Usmanov, Stan or Father Christmas, in order to compete we need some serious cash investment to tweak the current first team, provide a couple of world class players that can change games, and deepen our bench strength.

Imagine if we had Cesc, Jack, Nasri, RVP and Podolski? This should have been a reality not a long lost dream.

So I am pretty sure we have seen the last of Robin in an Arsenal shirt and of course we will move on, but my ambition for next season had gone down a peg or two, as the harsh reality of EPL life hits home even more.

For me, if you can’t beat ’em (Utd, City, Chelsea) then join ’em.



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