Gracias España por el fútbol

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Thank you Spain for the football. Well done for winning Euro 2012.


Many Gooners don’t like Barca’s antics, but in them and in the Spanish national team we have seen the best football teams in a generation.

The 4-0 win over Italy oozed class and put to bed those who claimed their football was boring. Don’t get me wrong I’m old school and believed you have to play with a striker,but Spain proved that to be a fallacy,as they scored just 1 less than 2008 and they had Villa and Torres firing. Wenger would have tried the same last season if RVP had got injured!

Of course on parade were current Gooners, those we signed prior and after, and those names that stood out of who we should buy.

Current Gooners: of them all most flattered to deceive and funnily enough it was one Englishman that I’d say had the best, if cameo role, and that was Theo. He gave England an all but minute glimmer/spark of something, but alas was not to be. The great Arsenal hope was RVP but he played in a self destructing Holland team.

Signed prior and after: Lulu Podolski shoved out on the left might be something he will have to get used to at The Arsenal, if RVP stays or goes. He got his 100th cap in Euro 2012, so he can’t be bad, but I didn’t see much to excite me, yet. As for Giroud, obviously we didn’t see much of him. Hopes are high that he is good based on being the top scorer in League 1 for the Champions, but i was semi excited for the arrivals of Chamakh, Gervinho and Park, and look how they have turned out so far.

Those who stood out: All of Spain’s team! But we aren’t getting them. Of those we have been linked with, M’Villa was the more concrete. I have barely heard of him, and stupidly feel let down that it looks like we won’t buy him. As I said, I’ve barely heard of him/see him play, but have liked the thought of him, a big guy as DM. I’m sure there are others around.

The usual class in Euro 2012 generally stood out, but none will be available for The Arsenal, who have a budget of £2.50 and a packet of crisps.

So Euro 2012 has come and gone. A great tournament despite the usual Panorama scare mongering about racism. Great football, venues and fans. Let’s hope London 2012 can be just as good.

All focus now on the Premier League/next season. By the way all, the transfer window opened today.


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