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So we are well into the thick of Euro 2012 and I must saying I am really enjoying it. In fact, I love all major tournaments; pressure free football for 4 weeks and games on virtually every day. Usually there are some crackers (from games you don’t expect), upsets, rising stars and the hopeful expectation of an England side we know aren’t good enough.

Like many EPL fans, you get excited with the performances of your team’s players. For Arsenal it is a vast rainbow of nations you look out for and therefore sometimes struggle to get excited for England.

However there I was at 60mins screaming for Roy to bring out The Ox. Thankfully he didn’t listen and brought on Theo. The 20 odd minutes he played showed exactly what he can do- scare the life out of defences, score and create. It is just at Arsenal he can’t do this consistently, but was absolutely delighted for him and England.

But of course it can’t be a summer without all the speculation of who is going from Arsenal. I can never quite work out why they (the media) pick on us? Harry’s leaving hogged the back pages for all of 3 days, before attention turned right back to the RVP and now Theo situations.

Usually the media want to shoot down those that perch at the top so they can bring them down. The way City conduct business doesn’t get get the coverage it deserves and coverage of Utd and Liverpool are rose tinted. So that just leaves the press picking on the carcasses of the London trio- Arsenal, Spurs and Chelsea, with Arsenal producing the rich pickings.

Is it because we are the establishment club? The royal club? Or are we just paranoid?

Who cares if it has been 7 years since a trophy? Before Chelsea were formed in 2002 we were the only London club to have won the league since 1961. Oh and the only club to have built a stadium out of all the top 5-6 teams.

Of course we want trophies but when the richer boys throw millions at it and we try to do it in the more financially prudent way, we are the ones thrown to the media lions. I think it is partly because the media don’t like Arsene. The man gives nothing away and never sees any incident. I am sure many in the media are mourning the loss of Harry, who had a bigger trap than the Thames Barrier. They all loved Spurs a result.

I could go on and on but it is clear we need to keep our best players and try and compete with the rich boys somehow. We know we are rich too,but we have 2 billionaire shareholders who won’t invest anytime soon, so our richness remains relative and hope the likes of Podolski, Giroud, M’ Aston Villa (if the latter 2 come) can produce the goods to help us compete.

Happy Father’s Day to all and this picture sums it all up for me. Through it all, it could have been worse- I am so thankful I’m a Gooner and not a Spud. For this I have to thank my family. Just hope one day my son will thank me.

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