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Pinch Punch First of the month. The 1st of June heralds 1 month till the transfer window opens and a couple of weeks till the Euros. It is also ST renewal deadline day and we wait to see how last season’s rather terrible season has had an effect on people’s appetite to go week in week out paying some of the most expensive football seats on the planet.

I have renewed knowing I am lucky to have an ST, despite the cost, as there are thousands of others who still want to go to see the club we all love.

I haven’t blogged since the end of the season. In a nutshell the El Cashico clubs won through. For pure football spectacles it was quite a terrific end to the season. The EPL literally went down to the wire as well as the UCL. I cannot condone how both City and Chelsea have won these things financially but the drama was something special. Good luck to Didier Drogba-  how we won’t miss your usual torment of Arsenal, but of all the players and managers gone in and out of Stamford Bridge since the club was founded in 2002, most won’t argue that he has been the best they’ve seen. Play acting aside, probably one of the best forwards seen in the EPL.

So for us the season ended on a high – and it was only a high due to the dreadful start we had (all self inflicted) and how we were staring at a 13 point barrel as Adebayor stroked in his penalty at the Emirates. I don’t care we finished above Spurs, but at the point a top 4 finish (which we now know needed to be a top 3 finish) was looking very unlikely. All I can say is Wenger did a good job at the end to get us over the CL line – although once again it was a stutter at the end and we needed Fullop’s help.

I just want to see if Arsenal have learnt from last summer. Maybe they have in the purchase of Podolski because he’ll either play up front with RVP or will be his replacement. Personally, I think RVP will go. The club had to sort this out before the Euros and they haven’t. If he goes – it has to be sooner rather than later so we can sort out the mess before the season starts. I don’t want him to go, but if he does the signs throughout the team are ominous. We would have sold 2 world class players and club captains in 2 years – what on earth message does that give out to the rest of the team? And to add insult to injury we will get a relative pittance for them.

Wenger though seems intent on clearing out the dead wood on the squad with the likes of Almunia, Djourou, SS, NB52 already packing their bags. I want to see a real competition for places throughout the squad in every position – something we don’t currently have. At City, Utd and Chelsea – you don’t perform, out you go from the team.

Look at last season – Chesney had some blips, but you really think Wenger would play Fabianski? do me a favour. Up front, if RVP didn’t perform, Wenger would drop him for Chamakh or Park? again, do me a favour. Competition for places is healthy at a club and I want to see a subs bench that would be more than capable of coming in when needed. At the moment it resembles more of a crèche.

I’m looking forward to the Euros – no pressure football. I haven’t enjoyed Arsenal’s season – tense moments after tense moments – and if we don’t go shopping, I’m not looking forward to the next either!!

Up the Gunners.


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