Dear Adrian

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Dear Adrian,

I listened to Talksport Drive yesterday. Your daily almost ritualistic bashing of The Arsenal borders on the comically insane.

Yesterday’s rant was about CL spot is not better than winning a trophy- no one will remember 15 years straight in the world’s best club competition. You are remembered for trophies won and for great, memorable days no matter if you support Arsenal, Charlton or Torquay.

I both agree and disagree. Don’t worry Adrian I am sure many Gooners will remember those great moments at The San Siro (x2), in Madrid, Villareal, etc. as well as at Highbury and The Emirates (being the only team to beat Barca in Europe last season).

The debate can go on and on about trophy v CL. What has happened is that the CL has diminished the domestic cup competitions for the big boys. Of course Liverpool are crowing over a possible cup double because they are no where near good enough in the league.

Adrian, please ask Spurs fans last weekend what they wanted, top 4 or the FA Cup? Every single Spurs fan I know wanted 4th. Remember this is a team who haven’t won the cup since 1991. Please also ask Chelsea and what they would prefer as well.

Look, seeing both walking out at Wembley made me jealous and I miss those great FA Cup days, but I would rather have been in our position in the top 4.

A successful season if we finish in the top 4? Overall no, it would be the base achievement met. Of course we want to win the league, domestic cups and CL. I think what happened in the summer with transfers was atrociously handled by the club. Why we see this season (hopefully) as successful is because despite that Wenger has turned things around. Losing 8-2 was humiliating, but the team bounced back.

Why should Spurs be applauded if they qualify? They probably have as much disposable cash as we have and their team probably cost more to assemble than ours. They haven’t won the league in 50 odd years, no mention of that, or Liverpool who have spent more than both North London clubs put together, yet they havent won the league in 22 years, but it is ok, because they have won the Carling Cup. (shhhh this blog may have to be taken down because you can’t say anything bad about Liverpool).

Adrian, if we finish 3rd it will be a good season, only because it is an improvement on last season and because of our dreadful start. League wise we are competing with the Manchester clubs and Chelsea who have bottomless pits of money. To be up there with them, whether we decide to spend or not, is a success.We haven’t tried to buy the league.

For me, we have a fantastic trophy, it’s called The Emirates Stadium, arguably the best stadium in England.Please listen to Gary Neville’s comments towards the end of the 5pur2 game- Arsenal are a fantastic club, who do things in the right way, with a magnificent stadium- Arsenal will be around for a very long time.

Class is permanent and I’m looking forward to when we do win a trophy and shut everyone up.



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