Falling off our Cycle

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I am sure you will find somewhere in my blogs or in my plethora of tweets in the summer that we wouldn’t win the league and would struggle for 4th. I don’t think it took a rocket scientist to work that out, especially after the Arsenal summer of discontent.

Unfortunately what is making matters worse is that Spurs have put together a great team, playing good stuff and at an incredible tempo that means they won’t just finish above us, but may actually challenge for the title.

I’m not surprised- they bought well.In fact bought in positions they really needed and seemingly players that can stay fit regularly. I’m not going to go on again about our seemingly rash singings and poor fitness levels. Overall I think maybe only Chesney, TV5 and RVP would actually get in the Spurs side at current.

Their players seem to regenerate themselves at mind boggling levels when compared to our crocks.

Modric seems to continue to be their fulcrum.So here is a player who openly wanted to leave and Spurs have said no. He continues to play well like nothing has happened. Let’s take the Cesc situation- same thing (and we made him captain) but he never really seemed the same and regularly picked up re-occurring injuries that haven’t re-appeared since joining Barca. Hats off to Harry, maybe you don’t need tactical brilliance to do well but pure out and out player management and motivation.

Enough about them-I’ll take 1 season of pain every 16/17 seasons. It is about how we bounce back.

Starting against QPR, but more importantly from 1st January when the window opens. It will be a bizarre one as AW has regularly let us down in the window when needing just a couple of additions to really push for the title. Now we need some real big additions to try and finish 4th!!

The Wolves result was poor but I will hold off any real recriminations until 1st February. With the ACN and the transfer window open, Arsene has 31 days to sort out what he should have done from 1 July-31 August.

I for one will be happy to say “better late than never”.

We now find ourselves in a CL shoot out with Chelsea and Liverpool. I am worried. Chelsea will throw good money after bad and the nation’s “sweetheart” (Liverpool) will also spend some money. I don’t want Arsene to just spend money for the sake of it, but on the right players.If he can’t see that we need another full back and a world class striker then I don’t know what else to say.

Until next time.

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