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I’m really glad I didn’t blog about the Liverpool game until now, many hours after the event. This is because what I feel now is different to what I felt as Suarez scored their 2nd.

If you spoke to me then (see my tweets) I was full of anger and quite upset. A stark realisation that my early season prediction of doom was coming true. I don’t basque in being right or ‘I told you so’.

My last tweet said about being beware of Luis Suarez and I was right. He is the £25m signing we should have gone for in January that would have helped us win the Carling Cup and/or maintained our position in the league. Players of his quality make a difference and Liverpool will reap the rewards of buying in January as he will be acclimatised to the EPL. His layoff at the beginning of the move for his goal was sublime.

Of course though, Arsenal don’t seem to want to spend more than £2.50, although with the, as ever, injury crisis Arsene now needs to spend.

It was not the players’ faults that a vastly inexperienced team was put out against a Liverpool team that cost many millions to assemble. Up until the Frimpong red card we were heading for a 0-0 draw.

Unfortunately when you blood in the kids they will make silly mistakes, and Frimpong’s was one of those.

I’m not saying I would have been happy with a 0-0 draw,but given the team put out, Dave’s injury,AA’s and TW’s ineffectiveness, a draw would have been good. For me, TV5 was immense and deserved man of the match ahead of Enrique. But they don’t give MOTM to anyone on the losing team, and because of punditry biased for anything Liverpool, one of theirs was always going to get it.

What now? Well Wednesday is massive. It will determine who (if any) we buy. Given the never ending injury crisis, Arsene’s hands are now firmly tied.

I think we’ll get a result, but let’s see.

C’mon you Gunners.

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