How did we get here? Arsene Knows

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How did we get here? Probably the toughest start in memory to a season for The Arsenal (CL was self inflicted) and here we are:

-sold our World Cup champion playmaker in Cesc, our dependant Left Back and another possible world class player in Nasri on his way out
-our only (semi recognisable) DM in Song suspended
-two of only 4/5 average defenders (except TV5) injured
-our only reasonable summer purchase also suspended

We have got here because the promises of Gazidis and Arsene that this would be an active summer (seems only one way at the moment) so far has not materialised.

With the above list, obvious that we would lack creativity at Newcastle and look very disjointed against Udinese.

Don’t get me wrong, very glad of the 1-0 advantage going to North East Italy, but very, very worried what Liverpool and more so United will do to us.

No doubt that had Udinese’s season had started and they were sharper, we wouldn’t have a clean sheet to take with us to their place.

Tell you what, Suarez, Rooney and Young are all sharp and will punish us if we perform like that.

Any positives? Theo took his goal well and he was lively throughout. Ramsey had brief good spells but needs to do more, he needs to stamp his authority on games. Gervinho also looked lively, and he will need time to settle in but at the moment his end product needs a lot of work. Finally, Chesney looked quite assured- he had the shot covered that hit the cross bar!!! But he stood up well to the 1 on 1 that he was faced with after our “defence” parted like the Red Sea.

Wenger has said he has gambled on Campbell. At about £900k, that is hardly the gamble us Gooners want him to make.

As for Saturday, all I will say is be very, very aware of Suarez.

C’mon you Gunners.

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