The long road ahead

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A new season,an attempt to keep my blog more updated,but sadly, at present (just a few hours till kick off v NUFC) the same old Arsenal.

I love Arsenal and I of course want them to do well,but I just can’t see it.Success means a good stab at both the EPL and CL- with hopefully winning one. Sadly we are a million miles off. This summer was to see a new, changed Arsenal, given the capitulation from March last season, and the noise of fans from the four corners of not just the Emirates, but the Arsenal World.

It seemed that the Board were listening-Ivan G said we would be very active. The ongoing saga of both Cesc and Nasri, as I predicted, has hamstrung our transfer dealings just like the past few seasons and with players like Vieira and Henry. Why hasn’t Arsene learnt? Arsenal needed to do their dealings irrespective of what happened with Cesc and Nasri We weren’t good enough last season with them.

I’m not naive to know that we probably needed the dosh to be able to re-invest-but here we are just hours to kick off and there is zero to be excited about. Very worried that we could all but be out of the League and CL by 31st August, when any signings will be immaterial.

That’s the gloomy side-on the positive side,Gervinho looks terrific, and players like, Jack, Rambo and Andrey look like they will step up.

Very, very worried about our defence. We all know that the EPL is unforgiving and any mistake is punished. TV5 has to stay fit and I’m not going to get into the criminality of our exposed left back position with the sale of Clichy.

I don’t think I can remember a start of a season where I am so not looking forward to the start. Sadly it isn’t just me also.

Anyway, here is to 3 points at St James’ Park, where we know any lead there is fragile.

C’mon you Gunners

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