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So one season ended and another began today,but you would never have known it at St. James’ Park today.

Why did we expect anything different? We are weaker without Cesc, Nasri and Clichy and play the same tactics and formation. Same old story all possession and no penetration as RVP is too isolated and I could cross better than our Wingers. Even if they do clear the first defender there is no one there anyway.

How on earth are we going to bypass a half decent defence with the guile and vision of Cesc? We made their Centre Halves look good today.

Newcastle were very poor (for the home team) and they have is passion, and when you have a player like Barton,that passion will always spill over.

Song was a silly boy and should have seen red for his stamp on Barton, end of. Will he banned? depends on the media, Newcastle and the FA. Knowing our luck he’ll get banned, but he should know better. If he does, we really don’t have anyone else as a defensive midfielder. I don’t know what Vieira, Petit and Flamini did to Wenger mentally but since then his teams don’t have an out and out one. Our message to Liverpool and Utd will be here you go,we have a lovely soft centre to tickle your taste buds.

As for Gervinho, letter of the law says he should see red. Barton, too probably for incitement and a 6.0 for his play acting. Gervinho will learn, anyway wouldn’t be a pilgrimage up north without a red card for us. If we don’t come in the top 5/6 then there goes our Fair Play route into Europe.

I thought Dave and TV5 looked quite assured. I think Dave will be a new player with TV5 next to him. I’m not going to get too excited until I see them against better opposition than Newcastle, who really offered nothing up front, but the pair defended well at set pieces. Chesney also looked more solid.

Gervinho looked lively but he has to work on his end product. Haven’t heard that before have we? (Theo take note).

The clock is ticking as another transfer window draws to a close, and if we don’t shop then things don’t look great.

Was speaking to a Spanish Barca fan today who spoke very little English. He was full of himself that Cesc was returning home and he said to me in very broken English “Why Arsenal no go shopping?”. That is the same question we are all asking.

Onto Udinese where a home leg advantage is a must.

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