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So,I’m back.Sorry for being away.

Why the blogging break? To be honest I had run out of steam of saying the same thing about Arsenal as the inevitable end of season collapse duly arrived bang on time.

I think I’m finally over it. I left Wembley at the end of the Carling Cup Final really fearing the collapse that later ensued. I didn’t finish the season feeling upset but massive disappointed and not proud of being proven right.

That was the season that was and I’m sure the end of season DVD won’t be a big seller.

It is about how the club,management team,players and fans move on from here. This will be a pivotal summer in our recent history. The club need to heed that the fans have spoken up.

Twitter really brings together a wide spectrum of football fans from across the world, and the Arsenal fans are no different. Here you have to the right those demanding that Arsene cannot take us forward anymore, the Wenger Out movement. To the left we have those who will not see a bad word spoken against man, the In Arsene We Trust movement.

I’m in the middle, in the Arsene To Change movement. We will see changes. Arsene will buy and I think change the formation, especially at home. He won’t change the style of play and I don’t think he should. On watching Barca destroy United I’m proud that we are the only team around who try to play anywhere near the same style. The problem is that it isn’t suitable for the Premier League in all cases. That’s why our backbone needs some re-construction.

So I for one am looking forward to the endless rumours that will bestow upon us because deep down some may actually stick this summer.

If they don’t, I’m afraid I will start to slip to the right.

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