Civil War

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What an emotional week all round for Arsenal Football Club.
The week was full of memories in remembrance for David ‘Rocky’ Rocastle. Those of a certain age will remember him fondly. On the pitch he was for me one of the few with skill that was pleasant on the eye in George Graham’s efficient champions.
His most important goal arguably was at WHL in the League Cup Semi Final in 1987. If that hadn’t of happened that golden era at Arsenal may never have happened. I also remember a goal in 1988 at Villa Park where he lobbed Spink with Derek Mountfield sprawling back to clear it only to end up in the back of the net a long with ball. We went nuts at Villa Park. Also, I was Upton Park also in 1988/98 where he and Micky Thomas gave West Ham a master class in how to dominate a midfield. Rocky capped a good day with a fine goal.
I was also luck enough to meet the man in 1987 at a function. A lovely guy both on and off the pitch and was taken very young.
As for Blackburn at home unfortunately for me the result was all too obvious. This is 3 years running where our season crumbles as soon as one defeat results in an exit from a competition. Many would have left Wembley against Birmingham not being hugely disappointed with the defeat (more annoyed) but wondering what it meant to the rest of our season. I tweeted that night welcoming all to our end of season part 1, next stop the Nou Camp. I saw this all coming. Wenger’s teams ride on confidence and once broken, hard to get back. A good example was at the end of our 49 game unbeaten run. It took quite a few games to win again. We went a WHOLE season unbeaten, why should one dubious defeat shatter our confidence completely? This is a recurring problem with Wenger’s teams.
Following the predictable mass of possession, half chances and some clear chances missed, good goal keeping and do or die defending by the opposition, we now find ourselves pretty much out of the poorest title race in recent years.
Where does this leave us? Let me state my position – I want Arsene to stay but he or the club has to change. If he is unable or un-willing then that is something else.
The fallout from the Blackburn game has been pretty high – fans arguing and physically assaulting each other at the game joins that mass of verbals found on Twitter, Forums and Blogs. Do we find ourselves in an Arsenal Civil War?
Those of the ‘Arsene we trust’ movement are starting to move more to the middle after this season. Yes, there are those of the ‘Wenger out’ movement, and these guys are getting louder. Everyone has a right to their say.
All I ask; if Arsene was to go, who would replace him? He has large shoes to fill. IF he was to go, Mourinho would be the man for me.
The Summer needs to see faces come and go along with a different style of play/formation – some players are just not up to it and we have become way too predictable both home and away, that any half decent defence/team know how to play against us.
Where are the heroes in this team? Where are the players we want to emulate in our dreams and get us and our kids excited about? We had Thierry, Patrick, Dennis, Overmars, Pires, Freddie, Sol, etc. Who do we have now, Cesc, Jack and maybe RVP. The others are much more to prove and Jack is only in that little list because he tries his socks of and clearly is talented.
I know we are mathematically not out of it, but it is looking obvious to what our fate will be. While Utd go 2-0 down and fight back to 3-2 and 4-2 wins at Blackpool and West Ham, we go 4-0 up and still don’t win. They are Champions and we have a long, long way to go.

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