Needed Thundercats to beat Blackcats-we had Meerkats

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So it has been another eventful week both on the field for the Arsenal and off it in the footballing world.

The talk of the town has been the Rooney assault caused by him (v Wigan) and against him (v Luiz).

Both should have been sent off (Luiz 2nd Yellow) but neither gets punished on and off the field.

So in a week where these 2 high profile incidents have happened away from the Arsenal, we had to join the club and have 2 controversial incidents ourselves today against Sunderland.

Firstly, let me say that today we were poor – we seem not to turn up in first halves of home games, so the fact we seemed to wake up in the 2nd for me is 45 mins too late.

We also had enough chances to win 5-0 – so we only have ourselves to blame.

However, in the cold light of things we should have won 2-0 at least no thanks to the officials.

The penalty incident was the clearer of the 2. So Andrey is through having got the right side of Bramble and bearing down on goal. Bramble is scrambling back, and starts to fall, but instead of just falling ungracefully by himself, he accidently pushes Andrey over whilst he shoots in the box.


Nope, not according to the ref. What planet is that not a penalty? Some say because Andrey got his shot away and didnt fall. Doesn’t matter, that is a PENALTY!!!

As for the ‘offside’ replays show he was probably on. GREAT!!!

FIFA are meeting this weekend to talk about technology in football, in particular, goal line technology. I heard that 10 companies are bidding to be the one to provide it (and Hawkeye isn’t one!!!) but none can provide the data back within the 1 second FIFA want.

I bet no technology comes in. Shambles. Works in all other sports. I want tv replays brought in – today is another proof point that it is high time it is needed. FIFA wont have any of it.

But it is OK – FIFA have made a ruling, they have banned the snood!! They obviously have nothing better to do when aweful decisions are costing games and potential titles.

So back onto the Arsenal. 2 big points dropped. No surprise for me. The injuries once again rack up, exactly like last season, and when too many of the 2nd string come in, the team simply doesnt function properly, whether in defence or up front.

Yes, we are unlucky with injuries. But this is season in, season out and to the same players which derail whatever compitition we are in.

I simply have to blame Arsene here – he relied on the squad knowing how injury prone some players are and felt we didnt need re-inforcements. He has too much faith in the 2nd string players – they simply arent up to it.

Players like Denilson, Rosicky, Bendtner and Diaby arent good enough for the Arsenal and when they all play (like today) we just dont seem to click. Our system is built around the talents of the 1st XI – so when others come in, it simply doesnt work. 

The first team can be fantastic but key players are always injured at key times whether by the design of their frail bodies (RVP and Cesc) or by accident (Theo).

So a big 2 weeks for the Arsenal has started badly and I’m afraid going to culminate with the exits in the Champions League and the FA Cup. We really could have done with the 3 points today.

I am not a doom merchant but a realist.


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