I’ll have a Carling please…

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So another differing week for Arsenal FC. The matadors against Barca were sidelined as the 2nd string were put out against Leyton Orient in the cup and duly let us down at the death. No surprise there. The complete 2nd string don’t have the desire and hunger that is now appearing in the 1st XI. Orient had one meaningful attempt and scored. Typical but not surprised.

With the Stoke game, only one thing mattered, the 3 points that now takes us to within 1 point of Utd. Come the weekend though I am sure it will be back to 4, but at least it won’t be 7!
The Stoke game was pretty dire from us after we scored. Probably a mix of fatigue,Wembley looming and the way Stoke play.
Obviously concerned about Cesc and Theo. We always need Cesc but we really need Theo back for the Barca game. If he isn’t fit ( and I am not holding my breath) I am concerned we won’t be able to mix it up at the Nou Camp and be too predictable and struggle to get behind them.
But let’s take one game at a time. Wembley beckons for us Gooners. Yes, I know it is Spuds-like sad to be excited for the Carling Cup, but it is a trip to Wembley and a chance for this team to win some silverware.

We welcomed a new era in 1987 after 8 years of nothing (and going so close to things in between that) by winning the Littlewoods Cup against the then mighty Liverpool. It was Charlie Nicholas’ crowning moment for the Arsenal and we went nuts in the crowd. We were the first team to beat Liverpool when Ian Rush scored the first goal.
Just think, back then, the Littlewoods Cup didn’t carry any European qualification (Haysel ban still in force) but we treated it like a major trophy because that is what it is, a trophy.

So when the Spuds say you’ll only win the Carling Cup, we can say, it is a  lot more than you’ve won.
If they come back and say finishing in top 4 is more important, pot, kettle and black come to mind.
Let’s enjoy Sunday for what it is, if we lose, it will join the illustrious roll of League Cup honour with Leeds, Swindon,  Luton and Chelsea. If we win, let us just enjoy it before looking to another 3 points against Sunderland and then off to Barca.

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