Are we Tottenham in disguise?

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Back in 2002 a good Spurs supporting friend of mine was so excited to be going to Cardiff to see Spurs v Blackburn in the Carling Cup final.

Arsenal were well on course to the double that year so during that particular Wenger golden era I just could not compute how Spurs fans could get so excited over the Worthless Cup (which they lost in the end).

Roll on 9 years and there I am on a trip to Prague,sitting in a restaurant glued to my iPhone’s Yahoo Messenger staring at it for updates from my dad (@papalolly) on proceedings from The Emirates of us v Ipswich. I was beside myself especially at half time.

Of course all came good and we ‘strolled’ into the Carling Cup final where we face Birmingham.

The result was met with joyous rapture and led to renditions of ‘She wore…’ in the city centre of Prague.

But I couldn’t get my friend from 2002 out of my mind. His rationale for why he and all Spurs fans at that time were so excited rings a little too close to home for me:

He explained to me that Spurs couldn’t win the league,not in Europe (so couldn’t win the CL),weren’t in the top 4 and the FA Cup usually went to the big 4. Therefore,winning the League Cup was their ‘title’.

So here I am feeling jubilation that we are at Wembley in the worthless cup final.

It is a stark realisation of what we can only realistically win in football’s pecking order of things.If Wenger doesn’t buy (I’ll write another blog come the end of the transfer window) the league will be beyond us,we probably won’t overcome Barca in the CL,and we like to make it hard for ourselves in the FA Cup.

I feel a little like a Spurs fan.


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