A Two Horse Race?

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I was sitting in my car listening to Talksport asking Ray Parlour,Rob Sheppard and Kevin Kilbane whether with City and and Spurs dropping points,is it now a two horse race?

All,including me,are sceptical. They all think City still have a big say and with Spurs staring defeat in the face,getting a point at the death may galvanise them. We all know Harry was in Madrid to watch Forlan and they agreed if he came,they also will have a big say. Great story about Harry being pick pocketed whilst there.

(a good joke, what do Alex Ferguson and Harry Redknapp have in common? They have both lost money over Forlan)

Man Utd. finally showed a bit of flair this season by dispatching Birmingham very easily so it was important that we did the same with Wigan.I think at times it was fair to say that we were majestic and the scoreline flattered our visitors.Their GK just had a great day.

I have said since Henry left we have one world class player,Cesc Fabegras. I have always known RVP to be as well but he could only show the world and us in fits and starts.He simply gets too many injuries.IF, and it is a big IF,he stays stays fit we could take Utd all the way.I wouldn’t put money on it though.

Robin’s hatrick,like our performance was excellent and we picked up vs Wigan,where we left of vs Leeds in the FA Cup Replay.

We were,as expected, much more up for it at Elland Road than at the Emirates.All we ask is that we give it 100% every game and the performances at home vs Leeds and at Portman Road were simply very poor.

Apart from their wonder goal and a bit of pressure, Leeds didn’t do much. Nasri was superb,more in the first half than second. His goal was excellent. Lasagne continues to prove to me that he is potentially the best RB in the EPL, so it was great to see him score.

For me,the 2nd half went with a blur until to virtual ‘invisible’ Bendtner produced a world class cross for RVP to head home. Here is a great video of that goal from someone there (thanks @theRSD) http://youtu.be/7paEL4_yJEM

Back to Wigan at home and I think RVPs second was the pick of the bunch, taking Cesc’s through ball first time with a volley that flew past Al Habsi.

Cesc also showed that he seems back to his best as he had a say in almost everything. I am sure we will be saying goodbye to him this Summer so it is more than encouraging to see that maybe between Nasri and Wilshire that they may be able to pick up his mantle.

Oooompf!!! sorry, RVPs ball from his penalty has just landed!!

But enough of the distant future but onto the present. A big week of domestic cup action beckons with the hopeful dispatch of Ipswich. It won’t be easy. Then the romantic FA Cup tie with Huddersfield, with the history of Herbert Chapman and all that. That comment doesn’t do that man justice,but I could write a separate blog on him all by itself.

Looking forward to by ties,you gotta love the cups (when we are in them!!)

C’mon you Gunners


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